We The People


Americans are at war with one another.  Political polarization is at fever pitch, with consequences that hurt all of US.  Like many other people, I'm looking for more unity and common ground, more civility and respect, more integrity and honesty. Many of US are currently disappointed with our 2-party system of politics: a dysfunctional marriage now approaching The War of the Roses. In any bitter divorce, lawyers are the only ones who profit.  Here, it is the politicians (and the special interests they serve) who profit at the expense of all the rest of US.  It is actually in their best interests to create more enmity between US.  While we are all busy pointing fingers and blaming one another, the pirates are busy stockpiling more booty and furthering their own private agendas - which do not serve US.

UNITED WE STAND, divided we fail... and they prevail.

For some reason, many people are more comfortable with anger than fear.  They would rather feel angry and blame someone else for their troubles, or the troubles facing our nation, than look within themselves or feel their own fear and powerlessness.  It is easier to make fun of someone else's point of view than to admit we are frightened or ignorant.  Many people take a position and spend all of their energy building a case to support that position, even in the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence.  The position has now taken on much greater personal significance to those individuals, who might be quite surprised to realize just how personally invested they have actually become in blindly maintaining their position at all costs.  Under these circumstances, it is very difficult to reach any sort of compromise or unity.  I believe that every perspective contains kernels of truth and wisdom, and that we could all benefit from an honest open-minded look at a variety of perspectives.  Rather than focusing on our differences, we would all be better served by looking for our similarities.