The Business of Climate


It's remarkable how much time and effort people put into the dispute of climate change! Seriously, if we're all making an effort to improve air, water, and food quality, who cares if it's in the name of "climate change" or just being a responsible, good person on this planet? The only ones who have anything to gain by "disproving" climate change are the "scientists" being paid by Koch Industries and other giant corporations that have an economic incentive to pollute like there's no tomorrow. Their entire focus is profits before people, and they are literally poisoning people to death. For whatever reason, polar ice caps are shrinking and sea levels are rising (unless you think NASA and other satellite footage is part of the hoax to keep the planet clean). Why waste time picking a fight about this? Who cares what we call it?! Let's take care of our planet.... And, btw, my science teachers were talking about man's impact on climate 30 and 40 years ago. It's not some recently manufactured hoax as Koch, et al. would have you believe just so they can go on trashing our planet with increasing impunity.

Have a look at this for starters: Koch Family Foundations have spent $127,006,756 directly financing 92 groups that have attacked climate change science and policy solutions, from 1997-2017.

Who has anything at all to gain by denying man's impact on climate? The polluters of course! The ones who make billions of dollars poisoning our planet. Always follow the money trail.... Look who's paying for the "science" and look at who owns or funds that entity... I have done the research at great length... And I always ask: what do they have to gain?

The Koch Bros, et al. have made up this "hysterics on the left" rhetoric to dismiss reality, but that ignores the fact that this discussion has been occurring among scientists for 40-50 years. It's not some new idea to ... to do what? Take care of the planet? If that’s the essence of liberals’ big money plot, it sure sounds like a solid investment to me. My mother was a biologist and environmental scientist for 50 years.  She taught me about the impact our behavior has on the environment as a child.  Does anyone remember what a gross, toxic, foul-smelling smog pit the San Fernando Valley, CA was before we started regulating pollutants? Students in the 1970’s in Pacific Palisades, CA were restricted from athletics at school on “smog days.” Today, the SFV is no longer a frequent bowl of smelly brown-orange haze, and students in Los Angeles no longer have their sports restricted by smog. That wasn't hysteria, it was science.

Of course I'm aware there is bad business and corruption in the clean emissions sector, just as there is fraud and corruption and bad business in the dirty pollutant sector... Unfortunately there is corruption everywhere: military, fire department, police department, education, child care, environmentalism, banking, charitable organizations, Wall Street, every type of private enterprise, politics.... That doesn't mean that all of those industries are inherently bad or a "hoax." It means that human nature's dark side exists everywhere and we need to take what's good and try to curtail the shenanigans. We are merely tenants on this planet for a short time, and we owe it to our children and future generations to be responsible, respectful tenants while we are living here.